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Xpert Tutor is an online platform, where we provide home tutors across Lucknow. We provide qualified, professional, and experienced home tutor for all your endeavors.

Xpert Tutor started- when the founders saw a gap between demand and supply of quality home tutors in Lucknow. We saw, there are several home tutor aggregators present, who are providing the service, but the major lack was, missing reliability among parents.

Parents were intimidated by the excessive fee that these service providers were charging and no standardization in the fee structure. Parents were not getting any assurance on the quality and competency of the home tutor.

Whereas on the teacher side, the teachers were made to give unnecessary registration charges for getting tuitions, and last time we checked, since when you need to pay to get a job or earn money.

So we struck out the Idea of charging registration fees from the home tutor. To get home tuitions with us tutors- just need to prove thier skills and competency, which according to us should be the primary pillars to judge anyone for their finesse

We are an online platform for home tutors and parents, where we help both parents and teachers to find home tuitions across Lucknow. We have robust technology to get you the home tuition/tutor best suited for you.

We are a platform for parents looking for quality, experienced and qualified home tutors. We have a standardized fee structure which is based on the experience of the teacher you choose and class and subjects of students which you looking to teach.

We are a platform for teachers or tutors who are looking for part-time or fulltime income by giving tuitions. We do not have a conventional approach of charging a registration fee, to get home tuitions.

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