—-How can I get tuition from Xpert Tutor?

You just have to register with us and then you’re good to go, we’ll give you call back and help you find a tuition matching your expectations.Teacher Registration 

—-Is there any Registration fee?

No! We do not have any registration fee initially, though we charge a fee of Rs 500 once you get your first tuition from us- as the registration fee.

—-After, what time will I get tuitions from Xpert Tutor?

Once you’re done with the registration process you’ll get the tuition as soon as we find any tuition best suiting your profile and expectations.

—-For what time membership is valid?

Your membership is valid for 10 successful tuitions(of which we have collected the payment).There’s no tenure or time period for the validity of membership.

—-Do you charge any fee for giving each tuition?

Yes, we do charge a fee which is 50%of the first-month tuition fee.This amount is charged in order to advertise and manage premises for efficient working, so that you get a tuition at earliest possible.

—-Do you have any referral program?

Yes! We do have a referral program check out this link for further information.

Referral Program