Terms And Conditions
Q. What is Xpert Tutor?
A. At Xpert Tutor, we help parents in providing tutor which fulfill their needs at the comfort of their home.
Q. How can I get a tutor?
A. Just call us at 07510009111. We’ll take care of all your tutoring needs.
Q. Can I get a tutor for any class?
A. Yes! Indeed. We provide you tutor for any skill you want to take up whether it be a hobby such as a guitar, singing etc or academic/professional courses such as BComCA CS etc.
Q. What will be the fee payment method?
A. You can pay us using the following methods:
a) By any Online methods such as PAYTM, Bank transfer.
b)Or one of our representatives will visit your house and collect the payment.
Q. How many demo class do I get?
A. You’ll get two days demo class.
Q. Do I need to make payment in advance for tuition?
A. Yes, for the first month we’ll collect the payment in advance there after (i.e. next) it’ll all depend on you and the respective tutor.
Q. What charges do I need to bear for availing your services?
A. Happy to tell you it’s all free of cost you’ll not be charged for our services.
Q. What is the fee of the tutor?
A. It’ll all depend on the tutor and your requirements.
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