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  • If there are any such registrations, Xpert Tutor reserves the right to terminate those accounts without any prior notice & without processing the refund.
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Doubt Clearing
  • It is Xpert Tutor's policy to correct any inaccuracy reported within 7 days.
  • In case you have any doubt or queries, please drop an email at care@xperttutor.com/ WhatsApp/Call @7510009111. We'll resolve the queries or doubt ASAP.
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  • The Privacy Policy is located at https://www.xperttutor.com/privacy-policy
We may, at our sole discretion, modify this Terms Of use at any time. By accessing the Service at any time after such modifications, you are agreeing to such modifications. These terms and conditions were last modified as of February 1st, 2020.
  • You certify that all provided information Via App/ Website or Otherwise, including the gender of student, no of a student, address, ID proof, etc are correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • While posting a tuition requirement at Xpert Tutor students/parents should provide as many details as possible for better responses from tutors.
  • You understand that Xpert Tutor is a home tutoring marketplace/ Home Tutor Aggregator and will facilitate the finding of a quality home tutor for your child.
  • Parents'/ guardians' consent for Students under 18 (eighteen) years of age is mandatory to avail of the Services. Parents shall be responsible to determine the qualifications and rationally choosing the Tutor. Xpert Tutor is not accountable for any disputes regarding parental consent or any issues that Students or perhaps a parent has with a Tutor.
  • Students, or where relevant their parent/guardian, accounts for verifying the qualifications, expertise, references, CRB inspections and qualifications of any Tutor. Xpert Tutor disclaims any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, legality or reliability of the information contained in the Xpert Tutor Services.
  • Students, or where relevant their parent, accepts that this Terms of Use is for tuition services. Xpert Tutor shall not be a party to this type of contract and shall not be accountable for the performance of any obligations agreed or impliedly agreed through actions between the Tutor and Student.
  • Xpert Tutor is not responsible for examination entry this is the only responsibility of students.
  • The student/ Guardian can ask the Tutors to produce any valid Id-card other documents for verification purposes. In no case, Student/Guardian can retain original or copy of the said document. Xpert Tutor team tries to verify the tutor profile before sending, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the customer/parents. Xpert Tutor is not liable for any misconduct, loss, damage caused by the Tutor or vice versa.
  • You should take reasonable precautions and make whatever investigation or inquiries You deem necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any online or offline transaction, including withoutlimitation, Tutors and Customers.
  • You understand that Xpert Tutor is a home tutoring marketplace and will facilitate the finding of a home tutor for your child or a Student. Xpert Tutor does not guarantee any success of any kind in any examination or testthat your child may undertake.
  • The right to approve or choose a Tutor for the demo class and continue with the same Tutor for further classes lies with the Customer/parents. Parents should check the suggested Tutor profile/ Customer profile on the Xpert Tutor website and accept or reject the same.
  • You understand that the final decision to choose a particular Tutor or Customer is Yours. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Xpert TutorXperfrom any harm that may be caused by any advertent or inadvertent actions of the Tutor. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all claims, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from or related to your access and use of this Website, including, without limitation, your access and use of this Website in violation of this Terms of Use.
  • You also understand that any background check undertaken by Xpert Tutor is not exhaustive, hence, at the end of the day, the Customers/ Tutors should make an informed decision on his/herown accord and keep in mind the fact that Xpert Tutor only seeks to provide a platform wherein Tutors and Customers have an opportunity to find each other.
  • Xpert Tutor is not liable for any damages including property, physical, sexual, academic or otherwise caused by the direct action of Tutor or Student to each other or otherwise. The choice of the student with all the inherent risks is Yours. We do provide any guarantee regarding the safety, quality, and behavior of Tutor / Customer.
  • In consideration of the home tuition provided by the tutor, you agree to pay a predefined amount to the Xpert Tutor's representative who will schedule a visit to your house and collect the Fee or consideration amount against home tuition in advance.
  • The first-month tuition fee will be collected by Xpert Tutor's representative in advance after the completion of 2 days of demo classes by the tutor.
  • The advance fee collected by Xpert Tutor will be transferred to the tutor at the end of the first month.
  • The amount will only be transferred to the tutor only after we have taken feedback from you and you have allowed transferring the fee.
  • You understand that home tutors need to be treated with respect and an environment conducive to one study should be provided.
  • You understand at least one guardian is present in the house during classes.
  • Any direct communication or arrangement with a tutor regarding fees is prohibited. You understand that it violates the contract between you and Xpert Tutor. Tuitions will be discontinued and the amount will not be refunded in such cases.
  • Registering with Xpert Tutor is free. You certify that all provided information Via App/ Website or otherwise including personal details, education, ID proofs, and photos is correct.
  • The tutormust be 18 (eighteen) years of age or above;
  • The tutor must have the necessary qualifications or experience to offer tutoring in the subjects given by the Tutor on the Xpert Tutor Platform.
  • You must be either an Indian Citizen, an Indian Permanent Resident, or a Foreigner and must be residing in India.
  • Tutors who contact Students who're under the age group of 18(eighteen) need to ensure that the Student has approval from the parent or guardian to offer tutoring services to the Student.
  • Xpert Tutor reserves all rights to reject or refuse any registrations.
  • Tutors must carry government ID proof while visiting the Student/Guardians for verification purposes. They will also have to produce their Aadhar card/ Voting card/ or Driving license on Demand of the Student/Guardians during their 1st meeting.
  • The information you supply should be as accurate as possible, and that you should not be providing untrue or inaccurate information that may mislead clients and Xpert Tutor. A tutor carries full responsibility for all the information which he offers on the Xpert Tutor Services and must indemnify Xpert Tutor in terms of any liability incurred by Xpert Tutor as a result of such information.
  • A Tutor accounts for the costs quoted for his/her services on the Xpert Tutor Website along with a collection of all service fees due to a Tutor from the Student.
  • Xpert Tutor shall not be responsible to the Tutor for any fees which have not been paid and shall not be involved with any disputes about fees between a Tutor and a Student except for the first month of commencement of particular tuition.
  • Xpert Tutor may request from you the original copies of your documentation and certifications for verification purposes.
  • Xpert Tutor reserves the right to refuse verification of any tutors, and the right to Blacklist any previously verified tutors, dependent upon the judgment of Xpert Tutor.
  • A Tutor shall indemnify Xpert Tutor for all claims and responsibility arising out of any use from the Tutor of the Xpert Tutor Website, including charges and expenses incurred.
  • A Tutor shall not use any abusive language in regards to a Student or his parent at Xpert Tutor Website or other places.
  • A Tutor is not an employee of Xpert Tutor and accepts full responsibility for all taxes, National Insurance and other liabilities arising from the use of the Xpert Tutor Website.
  • Information supplied by a Tutor at Xpert Tutor App/Website should be accurate and maintained up-to-date including proper name, address, phone number, and qualification/experience particulars. Some of the information attached to the Tutor at Xpert Tutor Website is going to be openly visible and could come in internet search engine results.
  • Lessons are conducted at the student/ client's home by default.
  • Once you accepted a tutoring assignment, the fee is non-negotiable once agreed upon, be it verbally or written.
  • You are required to bring along your all necessary certifications, documentation and aadhar card on your first lesson with the customer to certify your academic qualifications, credentials, and aadhar to the student/s if the client want.
  • Once matched to our clients, you are representing Xpert Tutor. You are to act appropriately at all times and refrain from poor teaching etiquette including using lesson time for personal activities, failure to observe punctuality, dishonesty and all other behavior deemed inappropriate by Xpert Tutor and our clients. Such tutors will be blacklisted and removed from our database.
  • The parents/customer reserves the right to cancel or withdraw his/her tuition requests or assignment at any time. Xpert Tutor will not be liable for any payment charges or issues arising from the cancellation of tuition assignments by the customers.
  • You are to inform Xpert Tutor 1 (One) week in advance before you decide to stop teaching the student so that there will be enough time for Xpert Tutor to find a replacement for the new tutor to take over.
  • Xpert Tutor will not be responsible for any injury, damages, disputes, conflicts, claims orloss of any kind that may arise between tutor and parent/student.
  • Legal action will be taken against tutors who breached the terms and conditions above mentioned. Any legal costs will be borne by the Tutor.
  • There are only 2 trial lessons. Tutors should inform us of the timings of demo within 1(One) hour of assignment allotment, Failure to do so tutor will blacklist and get remove from the list. The tutor has to inform us after the demo session.
  • Xpert Tutor will be charging 50% of the first month's tuition fee as commission for services rendered. It is the responsibility of the tutor to make sure about commission payment.
  • Xpert Tutor will not act as a mediator for any disagreements or conflicts that arise between the tutor and parents. Xpert Tutor in Good Faith will try it's best to resolve the conflict, but we cannot make any guarantees.
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